Treasure of Love – Coming in May

February 11, 2011

I hope you enjoyed the Wings of Love excerpt and that it piqued your curiosity enough to want to read the entire story.  And…please if you do read it, I would love to get your feedback.

I alluded in a previous post to an early glimpse at “Treasure of Love”.  I never want to disappoint -  so here it is.

Hunky straight Alaskan charter boat owner and dive master, Captain Jackson Cameron (Mac Cleary’s former brother in law from Wings of Love) gets a very secret call from openly gay acclaimed treasure hunter Daxon Powers to charter his boat for six months. When they meet, Jack learns that Dax and his sister Donatella, while investigating another shipwreck, accidentally stumbled upon documents that elude to the location of the wreck of the Anna Wyoming. The Anna Wyoming went down in the Lynn Canal during the 1898 Klondike gold rush heading to Skagway Alaska from an unknown destination and is said to have been secretly carrying a purse of gold worth ten million dollars in today’s market.

Jack negotiates a deal that has him absorbing the expenses on the front end of the expedition and paying him a quarter of the take in the end.  Without knowing if this will pan out and not wanting to spend extra money on a crew, Jack reaches out to his close friend and former brother in law Mac Cleary and his partner Brad Mitchell (from Wings of Love) to crew for him on the charter, promising them a portion of his take.

The tension between Dax and Jack builds with each passing hour as they find themselves continually battling for the top position.  Things quickly change after one particularly nasty confrontation between the two men in front of the crew and Dona tells them to either act on their man crushes or stop being dicks to one another and get on with the expedition.

As the expedition continues, they locate the wreck and soon everything changes.  As the crew starts to explore the wreck and Jack and Dax explore their feelings for one another, they uncover more than they’d bargained for on both fronts.  They quickly realize their progress is being watched very closely and knowing now that they are not the only one’s looking for the wreck of the Anna Wyoming, they take extra precautions to protect themselves and the wreck.  Dax knows that no one else could have stumbled on those documents, which means someone leaked the private information shortly after the permits were granted.  Now he’s dealing with poachers, a corrupt state government, and God only knows who else.

As the expedition continues Jack and Dax embark on a steamy romance while they try and figure out what they’ve stumbled upon that could put everyone’s life in danger.  Can they keep their heads below water long enough to unravel the secret, recover the purse and protect the lives of the crew?

“Wings of Love” along with “Final Encore” are available at,, Barnes & Noble, Borders and most independent gay bookstores. As always you can find me at, Facebook, and on Twitter. Coming soon, “Treasure of Love” in May, followed by  “Bounty of Love” and “Foundation of Love”.

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