Lost Treasure Postscript – free!

November 2, 2010

I can’t help myself – I need to check in on my characters from time to time, in order to make sure that they’re still okay!

If you’re interested in seeing what the Lost Treasure gang are up to, you can read Lost and Found.  It’s just shmoopy, nothing too serious – but it’s set after the end of the book, so don’t read it until you’re finished with Lost Treasure itself.

I hope you like it!

One Response to “Lost Treasure Postscript – free!”

  1. Anastacia Hess says:

    I absolutely loved the story Lost Treasure. I am so glad you decided to continue on a bit with the story. I do love to know about what happens after they fight to get to each other.
    Thank you for revisiting these characters and taking us along.

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