Author Trivia Contest Day 5

September 12, 2010

Congratulations to everyone who correctly guessed Fae Sutherland as yesterday’s author. Kamerra F is our winner. She can pick of any of Fae’s titles.

Fae Sutherland writes exclusively M/M erotic romance of the “sexier the better” variety. She currently resides in the nation’s capital with two polar opposite kitties, a laptop named Pocket, and her hetero lifemate of three wonderful years. When not tapping away at the keyboard on new books for her readers, Fae spends her time playing Sims, indulging in mindless reality TV, and dabbling in web site/graphic design.

You can e-mail Fae at and visit her web site at
Check out
Fae’s full story list.

Today’s question: Which Dreamspinner author teaches students the wonders of science?

Email your answer to ariel at dreamspinnerpress dot com by midnight tonight to be entered. Comments on Facebook or on the blog do not count as entries.

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