Request a personalized copy of Touch Me Gently

September 2, 2010

Want a signed, personalized copy of Touch Me Gently by J.R. Loveless? Buy the book at our web site and leave your personalization request here on the blog. J.R. will sign the book for you before we ship it!

12 Responses to “Request a personalized copy of Touch Me Gently”

  1. Jennifer Volintine says:

    Hello! I hope I did this correctly, I have never done this before. I’m very happy to see this become a book, I remember reading this story on aarinfantasy, congrats!

    Could I have the personalization made out to Jennifer.


  2. Joshua Kandalaft says:

    I hope I do this right, but I’d like the book to be made out to Josh. Thanks!

  3. Cherish Hughey says:

    Hi! I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to see the story in print. :D ~Cherish~

  4. Toni Ward says:

    Hi LS hun.

    Yup it’s me your pain in the ass buddy!!

    I want my signed copy *wails loudly*


  5. Cherish Hughey says:

    Please sign my book

  6. vizard light says:

    Can you signed for AyeMyat(VL)

    Hope it works :)

  7. Kumori97 says:

    Please sign my copy to Ally Montgomery. (I hope I did this right…) Thanks!

  8. anothersideofme says:

    Congratulations Lovelesssoubi, Please make my copy out to Therese. Thank you

  9. Therere Smith - aka - anothersideofme says:

    Congrats Loveless, Please disregard my first request as I’ve only purchased one book. I thought you might need my name to get the signed book to come to me. (LOL at myself) Please sign my copy to Therese Smith. Thanks

  10. francisca rivera says:

    please provide me with a signed copy

  11. Kelly Higgins says:

    Can you sign it to Kelly please :) I read this story so many times on aarinfantasy I lost count.

  12. Elaine says:


    Would you please sign my out to Elaine…THANKS :)

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