First Day of Forever by Mary Calmes

June 1, 2010

Did you like Change of Heart? Did The Guardian make your heart race? Did you melt over Stef and Rand in Timing? If so, run, don’t walk, to the GLBT bookshelf and download a free eBook from Mary Calmes. The First Day of Forever is only available there, but it doesn’t cost you a penny. Not one.

Cameron Mancini and Davis Boone grew up together and ever since high school; Cam has known that his best friend was the one. But Davis’ family disowned him when he confessed that he was gay and all that remained of his former life was Cameron. Because of this, Davis never wanted the two men to be anything but friends. He didn’t want to gamble on forever with his pal. Lately though, Davis has come to see the error of his ways and decides that a chance is exactly what he wants to take. But is it too late to hope for a happy ending?

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