Mortal Enemies by J.L. Farnsworth

May 31, 2010

Mortal Enemies by J.L. Farnsworth is now available in paperback and eBook.

A simple drug bust—that’s all it was supposed to be—but when the targeted dealer turns the tables, ex-Navy SEAL and LAPD narcotics officer Tyler Michaels finds himself the target of an old adversary, a killer who wants Tyler not just to die… but to die a very slow and very painful death.

There are secrets in Tyler’s past, and not even his lover, Dr. Ryan Douglas, is aware of them. While Tyler’s being hunted, those secrets slowly begin to surface and threaten to destroy him—and his new life with Ryan. As his world begins to cave in, Tyler struggles with a host of other challenges: keeping his bisexuality a secret, dealing with an antagonistic boss, and proving to his best friend and partner, Detective Tommy Carmikael, where his loyalties lie.

Now a leak in the police department is threatening his case and his past is rearing its ugly head, and Tyler is left grasping desperately to stop the crisis—and his life—from spiraling out of control.

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