Not Just a Piece of Meat by Zahra Owens (for the Necking Anthology)

May 8, 2010

Hi all,
I’m Zahra and just like with most Dreamspinner anthologies, I had to get my two cents in. Dreamspinner Press also published a few of my short stories and two of my novels: Diplomacy and Façade. I have a story coming up in the Midsummer’s Nightmare Daily Dose as well called “I can see right through you!”

This is the blurb for my offering in this anthology:
Karl has been working at an up-market butcher shop slash caterer since he left school over twelve years ago. Although far from stupid, it took him forever to realize that his boss Shawn and right-hand man Peter were an item—and ever since then he’s envied their rock-steady relationship. Then one alcohol-clouded night changes his perception of the couple as they seduce him into joining them in their bed.

So, what is better than two manly butchers (Think: strong arms, nimble hands and bloody aprons) getting together? A third one joining them of course!
Lynn didn’t have to nudge me very hard to write this story. I generally like my men to be rather manly, but I also like them a bit vulnerable (who ever said the two couldn’t be found in the same man?). Even the most butch guy has a soft spot and I’m sure they have more doubts in their heads than they would ever dare to admit, even to themselves.
In this story we get to spend some time in the head of our youngest member of the three, the outsider, the one who isn’t a part of the established relationship. The added complication is that after their famous alcohol-clouded night he’s now sleeping with his boss AND his boss’ partner. So if everything goes pear-shaped, he won’t just lose a lover (or in this case: two), but he’ll also most likely be out of a job.


Here’s a little teaser:

Feeling Peter’s gaze woke me from my reverie, and he languidly closed his eyes as he leaned closer to kiss me. I couldn’t resist returning it, the memories of our lovemaking springing back into my mind. His lips were soft, the skin around his square jaw and his mouth slightly stubbly, and I couldn’t stop my hand from caressing it. His hand drifted to my left buttock and squeezed it, pulling my groin against his where the evidence of his morning erection was hard to miss. Although I felt a little self-conscious about rutting up against Peter with his lover sleeping close behind me, my body was in charge and I couldn’t make it pull back. Just like last night, Peter’s touches were sensual, slow, even a bit teasing, in sharp contrast with Shawn’s, which were direct and unfaltering, like a heat-seeking missile. Before sleep had caught us, it had been Peter’s kisses that had made me horny and eager, Peter’s touches which had made my skin tingle, my nipples peak and my cock rock hard, but it had been Shawn who had brought me off, convulsing, chanting his name and shooting thick white ribbons all over them and myself.

I shivered when I remembered how I’d come so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

“Cold?” Peter asked in a voice that was smooth like silk.

I pushed myself even closer to him, grabbing without watching and finding a sheet to pull over us. I couldn’t look him in the eye. “Just remembering what we did last night.”

“You mean this morning? No regrets, I hope?”

I shook my head. “I’d do it all again if I knew it wouldn’t change things between us.”

Peter shrugged and scratched his head. “I have no doubt it’ll change things between us.”

I didn’t know how to react to that. I liked my job and I loved our team. It wouldn’t be the same if the dynamic changed, and I certainly didn’t want to lose my job. Oh God, this could cost me my livelihood!

“Don’t panic,” Peter said after a pregnant pause. “You’ve just become even more valuable to us, not less.” He looked at me with those steel-blue eyes of his and made me look back. “We’ve been eyeing you for years, Karl. At first Shawn wasn’t convinced you were gay, but then that guy burst into the shop making a spectacle of himself—”

“Damien,” I interrupted.

“Your boyfriend at the time?”

I nodded. “That was two years ago. What took you so long?”

Peter chuckled. “We weren’t even going to suggest it. Both Shawn and I were worried you’d take it the wrong way and leave because you didn’t want to work for two perverts. Especially not after Damien—”

“Said he was sorry for suggesting a threesome.” I didn’t usually finish other people’s sentences, but it all fell into place right then. I shook my head, but I was smiling. “He asked for a threesome to cover up an affair he was having with some nineteen-year-old twink. This”—I pointed between Shawn and Peter—“is a whole different ball game.”

Peter put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss again. “So you want to catch or pitch?”

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    Another interesting background. Never would have thought of upscale butchers. Can’t wait to read it

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