Angel: Author extra

February 24, 2010

Hi, I’m JL Merrow, and I’m just popping in to post a little “extra” relating to my Nap-Size Dream, Angel, which was released today.

Angel is the story of a committed Christian, Don, who falls for a tortured demon, Michael, he knew briefly as a child—and was parted from in horrifying circumstances.

I’ll let Michael introduce himself, and the story, to you.  (This “extra” doesn’t appear in the ebook.)


I was ten years old when I found out I was a demon.

Of course, I’d known there was something different about me and my Mom for years, even then. The way we didn’t hang around in any one place for more than a year at most. The way I wasn’t allowed to be friends with anyone whose family were practicing Christians. Or Jews. Or Muslims or anything else for that matter, even up to the kid whose mom floated around in black lace dresses and called herself a Wiccan. I guess she just wasn’t doing it right.

Anyhow, when you’re a little kid you accept these things, but sooner or later you start to wonder why you have to follow all these rules that no one else does. Why you’re the only kid who’s never been to a wedding or a funeral, never gone to Mass or a bar mitzvah. It was around that time I started noticing that my Mom wasn’t like other moms. I didn’t know what the hell to call it in those days, I guess because the words “batshit insane” don’t figure in a lot of reading primers.

Anyhow, I’d kinda worked out that Mom was weird. It hadn’t occurred to me to think that maybe I was weird—that maybe Mom was weird because of me.

Until the day Donnie Gallagher took me to his church after school.

That was when I got these scars.


I hope you enjoyed that! You can find an excerpt from the story on the main Dreamspinner site by following the link. :D

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